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Integration through education

DLR Projektträger for equal educational opportunities and participation for all
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Education is the key to successful integration and participation in society. We benefit as a society when each and every individual can develop and contribute their talents and abilities in the best possible way. The dialogue forum "Integration through Education", conceived and organised by DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT), asks how this can succeed.

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Germany is a country of immigration. More than every fourth person has a migration background. With the increasing diversity and heterogeneity of social coexistence, the demand to deal with this very diversity is also growing. This applies to society as a whole, but also to the education sector in particular.

Without the interaction and dialogue of a multitude of actors in their respective responsibility, integration through education cannot succeed. This is the starting point of the dialogue forum of the same name, which was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in 2020.

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In concrete terms, the aim is to design educational processes in such a way that they also offer equal education opportunities to children and young people with a migration background, regardless of their social or ethnic background or other characteristics.

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Mandy Böttger
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Head of the Department Vocational Education and Training, Integration at DLR Projektträger
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Portrait Mandy Böttger
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DLR Projektträger designs and organises interdisciplinary dialogue format

DLR-PT works closely with the BMBF in designing the dialogue forum. The overall orientation conceived by DLR-PI creates discussion space for experts from politics and practice as well as representatives of migrant organisations. They can discuss current experiences and questions, identify needs for action and gather suggestions for the further development of the topic of integration through education. DLR-PT supports the experts in this communication and networking process by co-moderating and preparing the results of the four expert forums in the dialogue forum.

DLR-PT’s involvement in the area of integration through education is linked to its concern to work with the participating stakeholders to develop strategies and measures for the expert forum topics – from cooperating with parents to municipal educational integration and the qualification of educational specialists to the question of how integration can succeed from the perspective of empirical educational research.

In addition, DLR-PT provides the responsible BMBF department with technical expertise for the targeted further development of the topic, identifies research desiderata and thus strengthens the further development process. This includes the preparation of analysis and strategy papers based on scientific research as well as the preparation and support of funding announcements.

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DLR-PT expertise in the thematic area of integration


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Promoting social competence in dual education and training
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The DLR-PT experts supervised the funding priority "Promotion of social competence in dual training, especially for the integration of refugees" for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi, which today is the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection). Among other things, the innovative model projects have developed practical and creative concepts and products, such as integration tandems, online learning platforms and smartphone apps. In addition, application-related guides, training documents and method collections have been produced. In addition to providing administrative support for the model projects within the framework of funding management, DLR-PT has supported and organised professional exchange and dialogue between the project participants at specialist conferences, networking events and webinars. It has also compiled the results in a programme monitoring and, as part of the transfer of results, produced a brochure (German Version) that presents the products of the model projects to the public.

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Coordination of educational opportunities for new immigrants
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On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), DLR-PT supported the funding guideline for the municipal coordination of educational opportunities for new immigrants, which promotes the integration of refugees. Education is a prerequisite for participation in society. The municipalities play a decisive role in the integration of immigrants. In 2021, the final brochure (German Version) on the funding programme, "Education networked. Integration strengthened", was published in 2021.

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Culture makes you strong. Alliances for Education
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The programme "Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education" programme of the BMBF, which is supervised by DLR-PT, enables children and young people growing up in a difficult social situation to have better educational opportunities and to participate in society. More than 30,000 different educational offers have already been implemented, with over one million children and young people taking part.

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Mandy Böttger

Mandy Böttger

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Vocational Education and Training, Integration
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