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Research, education and innovation improve our lives! Presenting this in an understandable and technically correct way and talking about it with society is part of our mission. But how does the content reach its target groups? And which formats are suitable for this? Questions like these are answered by our highly specialised communication teams.

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Science communication

How can we strengthen public trust and interest in science? This question drives the DLR Projektträger in its science communication and consulting activities.

We want laypeople to understand procedures and results of research and enable dialogues between science and society. Particularly about crucial socio-scientific issues such as climate change or artificial intelligence. Informed trust of the public in science can only be achieved if both science and society engage openly and address issues of the future together. In the scientific search of sustainable solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s pressing issues there are numerable approaches and strategies as well as uncertainties and productive scientific disputes that provide society with possible answers and tools. And thus a need for discourse. That's why we create spaces for dialogue – tangible and virtual, nationwide and international – in a variety of formats from citizen science to online dialogues s, social media campaigns and bar camps to conferences and trade fair presentations. We help shaping strategic decisions in science policy with regards to science communication and science communication in project funding.

A However further strength of our Centre of Expertise for Science Communication lies in preparing new funding initiatives for clients. We check which instruments, media and measures are suitable for the individual programme or project and consult in the implementation:

  • in campaigning
  • in media relations – with products for print and online media such as flyers, brochures, newsletters or content for websites and multimedia
  • in press activities – with press releases, interviews, specialist articles or material for video production
  • in location marketing – with target group specific formats campaigns developed and implemented by us

For questions about science communication, please contact:

Dr Franka Ostertag
Phone: +49 30 67055 786

Specialist communication

The specialist departments of the DLR Projektträger understand the depth of technically complex topics, and can therefore penetrate content and prepare it appropriately for all communication channels. Our concept for success features that our communication experts contribute not only journalistic expertise but also their own research expertise. And to ensure that our expertise remains up to date, we work in changing teams with the DLR Projektträger's scientific advisors, for good communication must be understandable – and at the same time technically correct. That is our claim.

The special teams are integrated into the five DLR Projektträger departments: European and International Cooperation – Health – Society, Innovation, Technology – Education, Gender – Environment and Sustainability. Their breadth and proximity to research distinguish them from PR or advertising agencies. We are familiar with the measures and projects of our clients down to the last detail. This enables us to provide them with optimal advice on the strategic orientation of their specialised communication and to develop customised concepts from a single source – from the analysis of target groups to professional implementation in all communication channels.

Our spectrum includes:

  • strategically conceived specialised communication for funding programmes
  • the preparation of speeches, press releases, background papers and press conferences
  • editing of specialised websites, newsletters and brochures
  • support for social media activities
  • interactive maps illustrating research landscapes and their benefits for people
  • films and explanatory videos that bring complex issues to the point in an understandable way.

If you have any questions about technical communication, please contact the following persons:

Romy Wörmann
European and International Cooperation
Phone.: +49 228 3821 1391
E-mail: romy.woermann­
Lisa Eidam-Hüls
Education, Gender

Phone: +49 228 3821 2087
Evelyn Stahl
Society, Innovation, Technology

Phone: +49 228 3821 2706
Ursula Porwol
Tel.: +49 228 3821 1289
Britta Paul
Environment and Sustainability
Phone: +49 228 3821 2101
Nadine Müller
Centre of Expertise for Public Relations
Phone: +49 228 3821 2029

Public Relations

The Centre of Expertise for Public Relations is available to all DLR Projektträger departments as an in-house agency – with comprehensive services covering all aspects of communication, press and public relations: it develops project-related design and event concepts and makes content visible to the public – as text in a brochure, as a website or via presentations at conferences.

Four teams of the Centres of Expertise cover the main areas of design, online, text and events.

Their portfolio includes:

  • Concepts for visual language, logos and lettering, corporate design
  • Layout of brochures, flyers and websites
  • Conception, design, further development and relaunch of websites and Internet portals, including content creation and SEO
  • Conception, editing and proofreading of print and online media
  • Development of communication concepts and campaigns
  • Event management: conception, organisation and implementation of seminars, workshops and major events in virtual, hybrid and presence formats

If you have any questions about our public relations services, please contact:

Kathrin Stratmann
Phone: +49 228 3821 2002