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Centres of Expertise and Services

A service provider with a versatile portfolio
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The Centres of Expertise and Services division ensures the successful orientation of the business model the DLR Projektträger pursues and provides cross-divisional expertise for needs-based and future-oriented solutions. External and internal customers alike benefit from its multi-layered range of services.

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Several components contribute significantly to DLR Projektträger’s success: a high-quality product range, efficient business processes, innovative staff management and modern infrastructure. The main responsibility for this lies with the Centres of Expertise and Services division. The division's portfolio ranges from the supervision, quality assurance and further development of our processes and instruments for funding management, through a broad spectrum of methods for analyses and evaluations, many years of experience and a variety of instruments for science communication and public relations, to business management controlling, human resources management, in-house consulting on various legal areas and securing IKT operations.

As an internal service provider, the division supports DLR Projektträger’s wide range of tasks and the development of new business areas in the departments on the basis of well-defined integrated processes and high quality standards. Through process and product innovations, it thus ensures a continuous improvement in the quality of our services for our clients.

Centres of Expertise: strong in communication, evaluations, studies and analyses

DLR Projektträger bundles essential skills in three Centres of Expertise:

  • Science Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Analyses, studies and evaluations

The Centre of Expertise for Science Communication specialises in communicating scientific findings to the public. It shapes the dialogue between science and society and is a reliable partner of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and other clients in the conception, implementation and further development of science communication activities for funded projects.

The Centre of Expertise for Public Relations accompanies clients in the planning and implementation of public relations measures and works closely alongside our departments as an in-house agency.
The Centre of Expertise supports the dialogue between different actors from science, education, society, business and politics. The formats and topics are diverse, ranging from citizens' dialogues, formats with online participation and democracy workshops to agenda processes, the transfer of knowledge to society or discourse on difficult ethical issues. New funding programmes are often initiated and generated from such dialogues.

Our third Centre of Expertise Analyses, Studies and Evaluations, offers clients a high level of methodological competence for analyses, studies and evaluations. With customised data analyses and accompanying monitoring, the team evaluate funding programmes and other measures and write methodologically sound studies and impact models. This creates transparent and scientifically sound conclusions for e.g. current or future funding programmes and provides our clients with recommendations for optimal and economical funding processes.

Services: quality-oriented business partners based on integrated process flows

For tasks such as managing our contracts, advising on important legal issues in the context of our services or recruiting and supervising our staff, the Centres of Expertise and Services division offers effective problem solutions with three departments:

  • Contract Management and Controlling
  • Legal support
  • Personnel support

The IKT Services department provides the digital infrastructure for the implementation of the various offers to our clients. This competent team is particularly in demand when it comes to constantly developing the funding processes in the interest of our clients, applicants and grant recipients through the opportunities of digitisation. In doing so, we always act in the interest of our service orientation and economic efficiency.

The Central Funding Management/Quality Assurance department plays a key role in the further development of our funding processes and instruments, as well as providing advice on funding procedures.
In every phase of funding, the department's team advises and supports external clients as well as the implementing departments of the project executing agency in achieving the set funding policy goals.

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Moritz Weeger

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ICT-Software Development
Centres of Expertise and Services
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