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Geschäftsbericht 2021 Cover plus Inhaltsverzeichnis

Annual reports of the DLR Projektträger

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Here you can find the latest annual reports of the DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT).

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Working together - shaping the future

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Innovation-oriented. Interdisciplinary. International: In the Annual Report 2021, we show what makes DLR Projektträger tick.

On 96 pages, the DLR-PT annual report illuminates numerous topic areas in which we are currently accelerating transformation: Smart Cities, Green Hydrogen, the Digital Progress Hubs Health or Long Covid are just as much in focus as the pan-European cloud infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Education for Sustainable Development and many other hotspots in science, business and society.

This is what you will find in the Annual Report 2021:

  • Foreword: Working together
  • DLR Prpjektträger at a glance: Goals, achievements, facts and figures and certificates
  • Competence centres: public relations, science communication, analysis and evaluation
  • European and international cooperation: sustainable solutions through Education and Research Cooperation, Smart Cities, Strategic Foresight, Green Hydrogen, Innovations in the Border Triangle, Gender Differences
  • Health: International health research, focus on Africa, data-driven cancer research, BMG framework plan departmental research, transfer models, late symptoms of Covid-19
  • Society, innovation, technology: transport transition and modern mobility, society after the pandemic, Germany as an AI location, secure data traffic, cyber security
  • Education, gender: Education for sustainable development, Gender aspects in view, Good KiTas, MissionMINT, Top research in NRW, Empirical educational research
  • Environment and sustainability: Ways to remove CO2, Universities on the transformation path, Sustainable finance, Mobility turnaround, Nature in our cities, Recording greenhouse gas sources and sinks, Reconstruction after the flood, Red lists of endangered species
  • Contacts: Contact persons in the management and divisions of DLR-PT and the National Contact Points.
  • Further Information: Imprint, picture credits, organisation chart


Download the DLR Projektträger's Annual Report 2021 here:
(pdf-file - 8 MB - German version)

Download Annual Report 2021


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