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Annual reports of the DLR Projektträger

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Here you can find the latest annual reports of the DLR Projektträger.

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25 pages of our Annual Report 2021 in English.

The abridged version of our annual report focuses on the work of our European and International Cooperation Division, the International Bureau (IB) and the DLR PT Brussels Office. The Coordination and Information Offices, the EU Bureau of the BMBF and the National Contact Points (NCPs) coordinated there are also presented.


Download the DLR Projektträger's Annual Report 2021 here:
(pdf-file - 4 MB)

Download Annual Report 2021


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Selected chapters of our annual report 2020 in english

DLR Projektträger at a glance
Our work, our mission, your contacts - pdf-file - 2.1 MB

European and International Cooperation
The division’s goals and recent achievements - pdf-file - 2.7 MB

Centres of Expertise and Services
Strong in communication, analysis, evaluation - pdf-file - 2.0 MB


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Annual Reports

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