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Aufgeschlagener Geschaeftsbericht 2023 DLR Projekttraeger

Annual reports of the DLR Projektträger

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Our focus, our achievements

Facts, figures and visions for the future in the DLR Projektträger Agency's Annual Report 2023

Cybersecurity, personalised medicine, innovative women, the twin transformation - our Annual Report 2023 looks at the most exciting aspects of the change that we are actively shaping. Also: the DLR Project Management Agency's range of services, current figures and contact options.

With a wealth of examples, the new annual report shows how and where our employees contribute their broad knowledge, build networks and accelerate innovation - regionally, nationally and internationally.


Find out more in the 2023 Annual Report:


  • Foreword: ‘Turning point for innovation’
  • DLR project management organisation at a glance: Profile | Services | Facts and figures| Competence centres | Internationality| Employees| Quality and safety
  • EUROPE AND THE WORLD: EU missions | Innovation in Africa | Cohesion in Europe | Space research | Ukraine | Global cooperation
  • MEDICINE AND HEALTH: Clinical Trials | Sub-Saharan Africa | Personalised Medicine | Data for Health | Embryo Research
  • ECONOMY AND TECHNOLOGY: Twin Transformation | Smart Cities | Industrial Collective Research | Cybersecurity | European Cloud Edge Infrastructure
  • EDUCATION AND SOCIETY: Women in the science and innovation system | Equality and diversity | Digital learning | Endowed professorships at HAW | Financial education | Integration through education | Culture makes you strong | PINK
  • SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE: Transdisciplinary and participatory research | Natural climate protection | Plant fungi | Interdisciplinary research | WarmWorld | Mobility on the last mile | Campus Bonn | Sustainable building and housing
  • COMMUNICATION AND PARTICIPATION: Science years ‘Our Universe’ and ‘Freedom’ | Event support | AI in drug research | Health in smartphones | Games after work
  • CONTACTS AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Management | Divisions and commissions | National contact points | Organisation chart Photo credits | Imprint


Download the DLR Projektträger 2023 Annual Report:
(pdf file - 8 MB)

Download Annual Report 2023

Would you prefer to read the DLR Projektträger Annual Report 2023 in print? Please send us a short e-mail to dlr-pt@dlr.de