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Cover Geschäftsbericht DLR Projektträger 2020

Annual reports of the DLR Projektträger

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Here you can find the latest annual reports of the DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT).

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Will everything remain different?

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Facts, figures and visions for the future in the DLR-PT Annual Report 2020

Climate change and biodiversity, digitalisation and artificial intelligence, social cohesion and human health –DLR-PT is tackling these and other major issues of our time in order to pave the way for a sustainable future for Germany.

In our Annual Report 2020, which has just been published, you can learn about the comprehensive services we offer to Federal and State ministries, the European Commission, associations, companies and other clients relating to the management of research, education and innovation.

In the thematic special "Will everything remain different?", experts and interdisciplinary project teams from DLR-PT ask whether the transition from the now well-rehearsed "New Normal" in the pandemic to more sustainability in the environment, economy and society will succeed. With a holistic view and decades of experience, we analyse and evaluate current trends and provide knowledge-based design impulses. Look into the future with us!

This is what you will find in the Annual Report 2020:

  • Foreword – review of an eventful year by the Executive Board
  • DLR-PT at a glance – facts and figures
  • Topic Special – Will everything remain different? 10 theses on the transition from the "new normal" to a sustainable future
  • Competence centres and services – the new dual study programme and other cross-divisional DLR-PT projects
  • European and international cooperation – the EU Council Presidency and cross-border cooperation in 2020
  • Health – measures in combating Corona and effective health research
  • Society, innovation, technology – global developments viewed in context
  • Education, gender – teaching opportunities for more integration, diversity and sustainability
  • Environment and sustainability – activities to protect the climate and biodiversity
  • National contact points – contact points for those seeking advice and applicants for European research funding
  • Coordination and information points – links to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the World Biodiversity Council and other programmes and partners
  • Contacts and further information – DLR-PT's responsible persons, operating sites and offices, image directory, imprint and organisational chart


Selected chapters of our annual report 2020

DLR-PT at a glance
Our work, our mission, your contacts - pdf-file - 2.1 MB

European and International Cooperation
The division’s goals and recent achievements - pdf-file - 2.7 MB

Centres of Expertise and Services
Strong in communication, analysis, evaluation - pdf-file - 2.0 MB


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