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Research, Education, Innovation

DLR Projektträger
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With comprehensive knowledge-based services, we pave the way to the future for research, education and innovation. Key players in politics, science and industry rely on our constantly updated interdisciplinary expertise.

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With around 1,600 employees, DLR Projektträger covers the broadest range of topics of all German project management agencies. Our spectrum reaches from education and equal opportunities to health, society, innovation, technology, environment and sustainability, as well as European and international cooperation. This enables us to offer every service in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner. Our Centre of Expertise for Science Communication, Public Relations, and Analysis and Evaluation round off the professional services offered by the DLR Projektträger divisions.

As a service provider, we are committed to a strong research, education and innovation location. To this end, we analyse social developments, develop strategies for action and provide strategic impetus.

Decentrally organised, globally networked

We think and act in networks – within the project management organisation and with national and international partners. We cover the entire value chain – from knowledge generation and transfer to market-oriented, social and sustainable utilisation. We develop solution-oriented strategies and concepts to plan and successfully implement our clients' measures.

Our clients include Federal and State Ministries, the European Commission, science organisations, associations and foundations. We advise them on strategies and programmes, plan and take over the implementation of funding programmes and evaluate their impact. We support knowledge transfer, manage dialogue processes, establish networks and encourage international cooperation.

In 2023, DLR Projektträger was responsible for a funding volume of round about 2 billion euros which a total of 14,500 funding projects benefited from.

DLR Projektträger – a versatile driver of innovation

As a certified service provider, we form a central pillar of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and complement its scientific orientation. We stand for high procedural and process reliability as well as absolute neutrality.

In order to maintain our services at an optimal level, we are constantly adapting structures and content. This dynamic modernisation process has made DLR Projektträger what is probably the most versatile innovation accelerator in Germany.