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A career with DLR Projektträger
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Innovation needs money, ideas and committed people who want to move Germany, Europe and the world forward. DLR Projektträger is where it all comes together – be part of it!

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Your chance with us

Our future requires investment: in research, in education and in innovation. Substantial funds for this are provided by governments, public and private funding bodies or companies. But then the money has to get to the right places to have an effect. With more than two billion euros of funding under management each year, DLR Projektträger is one of the most important drivers of research, education and innovation in Europe. As an independent unit of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), we design and manage innovation, research and funding programmes effectively and professionally.

Round about 1,600 employees of DLR Projektträger are the key to this. To enable them to develop their full potential with us, we support new colleagues from day one – with professional IT equipment as well as with structured onboarding in the patron system. Flexible working hours and working from home are a matter of course for us. As a versatile training company with first-class prospects for trainees of being taken on, we devote much attention to the next generation. And we make sure that your development does not stand still. Our comprehensive training programme gives you the opportunity to constantly build and expand your professional, methodological and social skills.

In 2022, DLR Projektträger was identified by Statista as one of the most attractive employers in Bonn. In the survey "Germany's best employers" by "stern" and Statista, DLR e.V. as a whole regularly ranks among the top ten addresses.

DLR Projektträger offers jobs in very different areas with a wide range of tasks and for a wide range of qualifications. You are just as welcome as a staff officer in the Human Resources department as you are as a scientific officer in one of our departments or as a member of staff in the Corporate Development, Management System or Corporate Communications departments.

Explore your opportunities now with one of Germany's most attractive employers.

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Starting as a scientific officer

You are familiar with your field. As an scientific officer, you analyse project proposals, plans and innovative ideas from companies and check and assess them for their eligibility for funding. As a project manager, you manage our funding projects and are responsible for the quality and communication of results. As a communications professional, you always enter into dialogue at eye level with various stakeholders from science, politics and business. And – you are always one step ahead. You observe trends and possible future topics and pick up on them in order to outline social developments in the future already today.

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Getting into funding management

Do you love numbers and people? As a subsidy manager, you will provide technical support for subsidy projects and take over the administration of subsidies based on the legal foundations. You recognise the potential of technical and social innovations and accompany new ideas on their way to becoming marketable products, processes or services. In doing so, you communicate with different stakeholders from science and industry – professionally and at eye level.

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Our dual study programme "Research and Innovation Management"

Start working for a better future during your studies: Work on concrete projects for fair educational opportunities, for medical progress, for the conservation of biodiversity or for innovative key technologies. Join us in supporting research for the innovations of tomorrow and help educational institutions and companies to launch and successfully implement future projects!

Your studies at the RheinAhrCampus in Remagen will teach you the economic and legal basics of research management.

Here you can find more information about studying at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences – RheinAhrCampus.

During the practical phases, you will support concrete funding projects at DLR-PT in Bonn. You will check whether the set goals are achieved with the financial planning and learn how to successfully mediate between politics, science, business and society – always with the goal of improving the future of our society.

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