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Providing targeted support for research, education and innovation -– that's what the DLR Projektträger is all about. Our clients include Federal and State ministries as well as foundations. They provide funding on the basis of strategic decisions and goals. We develop tailor-made concepts for them and implement the funding programmes efficiently.

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Promoting research, education and innovation is vital. While it helps to find answers to socially relevant questions in the health sector, the education sector or the environment, it also strengthens science and business locations and makes them competitive. For example, funding helps to treat diseases more effectively, protect people from life-threatening infections, preserve biodiversity, protect the climate, provide children with fair educational opportunities, support the economy through innovation and much more. It has a very practical effect. It improves the future.

Involved from the start

Whether small, short-term projects or multi-year programmes with complex structures – we offer a unique combination of public administration skills, political judgement and proximity to science and business. We adapt our funding management to individual needs, always focusing on the efficient use of funding in accordance with the rules. With our finger on the pulse – we are constantly developing our services, methods and instruments. Quality assurance is an essential pillar of our funding management.

Clients, those interested in funding, applicants and funding recipients benefit from our many years of practical experience in all phases of project funding – both technically and administratively.

We support you in:

  • the conception of funding programmes, development of funding measures and procedures
  • processing applications for funding
  • advising and supporting applicants on national, European and international funding programmes
  • planning and carrying out national and international review processes
  • monitoring of funding projects up to the exploitation of the results
  • evaluation and assessment of the success of funding measures

We complement personal counselling with digitised processes. Our user-friendly IT-based systems facilitate the submission, review and management of project outlines in national and international calls for proposals.

Fair review, fair selection

For research institutions, companies or other interested parties applying for funding, a great deal depends on the approval process. Our top priority is to ensure that this process is fair and neutral. We put together our review teams in a targeted manner and look for the best possible candidates. Our contacts also extend deep into the international community. We recruit leading experts who can assess the applications in the best possible way and guarantee applicants fair selection procedures.

Main and Other Contacts

Your contact person

If you have any questions about our funding management, please contact:

Sandra Metz

Sandra Metz

Head of Department
Quality Assurance
Centres of Expertise and Services
+49 228 3821 1907