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DLR-PT Gebäude Berlin Südkreuz

DLR Projektträger moves to new location at Berlin Südkreuz

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Since the end of February, DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) has a new location in Berlin. Gradually, the 240 employees are moving into the new office space at Sachsendamm 61. The offices at Berlin Südkreuz replace the previous Berlin office in the Grenanderhaus in Berlin-Mitte.

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3rd March 2022 — In the modern new building with a total area of 7,800 square metres, DLR-PT has 135 light-flooded offices, 15 meeting and conference rooms on six floors, as well as car and bicycle parking spaces in the basement. On the third floor there is, among other things, a three-part conference room with a total area of 220 square metres, in which events with up to 150 people can be planned. The entire building is barrier-free.

Flexible spaces for team-oriented work

One novelty is the flexibly usable areas distributed over all floors, where team-oriented work is given a new face thanks to variably usable furniture. These so-called flex spaces are the result of a project on "Flexible Working Environments" carried out by DLR-PT in which the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO was also involved with analyses and advice.

The concept is a mixture of classic offices and open areas, especially for joint creative work and meetings. This need is met by work islands with smaller and larger mobile table groups. In addition, a lounge area and creative corners invite collective brainstorming. In this way, small and large teams can come together quickly and easily. Flexible spaces create a new and diversified working atmosphere and promote active collaboration between employees.

The office building is located in the "Schöneberger Linse", currently one of the most attractive development areas in the centre of Berlin. In the coming years, a mixed-use quarter consisting of office space, flats, hotel, retail and gastronomy will be built around the Südkreuz ICE railway station.

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