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New funding announcements for medical care are launched

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Relieving the burden on caregivers, better care for the chronically ill as well as for children and young people, the use of digital assistance systems: Two new funding announcements address such highly topical issues. DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) is implementing them on behalf of the Innovation Committee at the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA).

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7th March 2022 — Comprehensive, needs-based and easily accessible for all – in order to be able to treat patients in the best possible way, medical care must be continuously developed within the framework of statutory health insurance. This is the focus of the G-BA’s Innovation Committee, with two funding announcements published at the beginning of March. DLR-PT is responsible for implementing the legal aspects of funding and advising those interested in the topic.

Focus on needs-based services and structural improvements

For example, people with severe and chronic illnesses or complex disabilities need interdisciplinary and sustainable care as well as individually appropriate services. Chronically ill children and adolescents in particular can benefit from improved interdisciplinary cooperation in the area of prevention and in medical care.

In medical and treatment care, on the other hand, there is a shortage of qualified professionals that cannot be remedied even by short-term measures. It is therefore all the more important to relieve the existing staff and thus create more space for nursing activities, for example through support services, the use of digital assistance systems such as voice assistants or digital consultation hours.

Another focus of the funding is general practitioner (GP) care. For large parts of the population, and despite a wide range of outpatient specialist practices, GPs are still one of the first points of contact. But demographic change is presenting them with new challenges. As the population is getting older, typical diseases of old age such as diabetes and obesity are on the rise. The care structures must therefore be aligned with new needs and further developed.

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For better medical care

Improving medical care for the more than 70 million people with statutory health insurance in Germany – this is what the projects of the Innovation Fund at the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) are all about. DLR-PT has been overseeing the implementation of the numerous projects since 2016.

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Online and by telephone – DLR-PT advises on the application process

DLR-PT intensively supported the office of the Innovation Committee at the G-BA in the conception of the new funding announcements and will also take over their implementation. Interested parties can submit their draft ideas until the 17th May. In advance, DLR-PT offers the opportunity to participate in an information event on the specific requirements of the funding announcements in the form of a web seminar. .

Staff from DLR-PT's Health Division will also answer questions about the content of the announcement, the process and procedures for submitting applications via a specially set-up hotline (Tel. +49 228 3821 1020).

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