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Health research: BMBF invests in the medicine of the future

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DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) will continue to support the Federal Government in the strategic orientation of health research in Germany. This is outlined in the Health Research Framework Programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), whose implementation DLR-PT supports in terms of funding and content.

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12th October 2021 — The programme, published in 2018, comprises the programmatic fields of action "Preventing and Curing Diseases", "Advancing Medical Progress" and "Strengthening Research Locations ". With this programme, the Federal Government aims to enable universities, university hospitals, non-university research institutions and industry to successfully meet the major health challenges of our time.

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I am very pleased that we have been awarded this important contract. Not least, the Corona pandemic has drawn attention to the enormous demands on health research and how important it is to lay the foundations for tomorrow's medicine today. It is both a mission and an incentive for us to contribute to this.
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Dr Jens-Jörg Schnorr
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Head of the Health Division at DLR-PT
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Porträt Dr. Jens-Jörg Schnorr - Bereichsleiter Gesundheit - DLR Projektträger
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Focus on challenges and lifeworlds

The Health Research Framework Programme focuses on the fight against the major widespread diseases as well as on people's living environments: It supports researchers in developing new or better diagnostic and therapeutic methods, in preventing diseases and in advancing innovations. Patients are to benefit more quickly from medical progress, and the state of health and thus the quality of life of the population are to be continuously improved. In April 2021, an addendum was added to the framework programme to deal with the current Covid-19 pandemic and to prepare health research even better for future challenges.

From core business to communication

DLR-PT brings the entire breadth of its services to the project management organisation "Health Research". The DLR-PT's Health Division provides the BMBF with technical and administrative support in all phases of project funding, including the evaluation of measures and the strategic development of funding priorities. DLR-PT staff assist the Ministry in the conception of funding guidelines and announcements, represent the BMBF in national and international committees and organise reviews of individual projects as well as expert discussions and workshops. DLR-PT thus forms an important interface between applicants and funding bodies at national, European and global level.

The tasks of DLR-PT include the continuous observation and analysis of the research sector as well as the innovation-relevant framework conditions, the preparation of specific information, for example on new technologies, including the assessment of the scientific and technological development status. In addition, DLR-PT supports the BMBF in communicating funding projects and successes to the public. The target group for specialist communication includes stakeholders from science and industry who are interested in BMBF funding in the field of health research, but also the technically interested public, especially young people who are interested in research in the field of health.

Expertise and know-how across disciplinary boundaries

All of this requires scientific, administrative, business management and research policy expertise. "Health research can only be managed successfully if there is high professional quality and at the same time thinking and acting across disciplinary boundaries," Schnorr emphasises. "With the expertise of our more than 200 employees, we are ideally positioned in this regard.”

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