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Factor C –: culture in rural areas is being researched

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Shaping rural regions as attractive places to live, strengthening structurally weak areas – knowledge of regional culture is essential for these goals. DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) has been commissioned by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) to select, supervise and network corresponding research projects.

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17th February 2022 — What contribution do art and culture make to the quality of life, people's self-esteem and equal living conditions? What role do publicly funded cultural institutions play in rural areas? What is the significance of the commitment of voluntary actors for local cultural life? And how are cultural issues anchored in the administrations? In order to sustainably shape rural regions and develop effective cultural policy recommendations for action, research on cultural activities and participation is to be strengthened. With the funding guideline "Factor C – Research on the Factor Culture in Rural Areas", the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) supports research projects on the topics of "Images of Rurality and Rural Culture", "Culture and Cultural Actors and Networks in Rural Areas" and "Cultural Administration and Promotion in Rural Areas".

The funding is intended to strengthen the research landscape on rural areas in Germany. In addition, the aim is to analyse models of success and conditions for success for a lively cultural life in rural areas and to develop recommendations for action in practice. Furthermore, the research projects provide important findings for the BMEL's policy-making. The first projects are scheduled to start in spring 2023.

DLR-PT accompanies measures from the beginning

"We are pleased to support the BLE with our many years of experience and expertise in this thematic area," says Dr Désirée Kleiner-Liebau, Head of Department Cultural and Political Education at DLR-PT. "Currently, for example, we are also in charge of implementing the funding measures Voluntary Engagement in Rural Areas and Cultural Education in Rural Areas."

DLR-PT supports the BLE in evaluating and selecting the best projects from the submissions. Among other things, it organises a review process with scientific experts. Beforehand, DLR-PT formally examines the submitted project ideas and provides a preliminary expert assessment. It advises applicants and funding recipients and will closely support the projects throughout their entire duration – from the application review to the conclusion. As part of the technical exchange, DLR-PT also supports the transfer of knowledge within the research projects and into practice.

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