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DLR Projektträger designs website on empirical educational research

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Information and facts about empirical educational research clearly presented – DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) has conceived the new website of the framework programme as well as having designed and implemented it in terms of content, graphics and technology.

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17th February 2022 — The website on empirical educational research has been appearing in a new design since February 2022 and now offers even more content and service. Information on the topic of educational research as well as on the activities and results of the Framework Programme are bundled and clearly presented here. In addition to the new search function, the "topic finder", which enables access "with one click" to all projects and publications funded in the Framework Programme, new online formats such as podcasts, project reports or online dialogues will in future provide a direct insight into the work of the research projects and meta-projects.

A wide range of information and service functions

Oriented towards the four fields of action of the Framework Programme for Empirical Educational Research, digitisation, educational equity, quality in education and diversity, the new website provides information on socially relevant topics as well as on structural measures of the programme, such as research data management and the promotion of young researchers.

  • An interactive graphic clearly presents the programme's priorities and gives further details of the fields of action.
  • More information can be accessed via links to the content and websites of the researchers.
  • The new "Infothek" also bundles information on current events, publications, news, interviews and much more and invites direct interaction under the menu item "Join in".
  • In addition, the newsletter function provides the interested (specialist) public with regular access to current topics from educational research.

Excellent research for the best possible educational opportunities

In order to set the right course for good education for all, a sound knowledge of the education system is needed. With the support of DLR-PT, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is implementing the framework programme for empirical educational research and funding numerous research projects in thematically bundled focus areas. In addition to project funding, DLR-PT is responsible for accompanying public relations work. The aim is to make the knowledge generated by the framework programme more accessible in the future, especially for educational practice and policy.

The BMBF relied on the expertise of DLR-PT for the conception, content and graphic design as well as programming of the new website. For this purpose, a team from the Department of Education, Gender worked together with the Competence Centre Public Relations and the Transition and Software Development Service.

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Janina Stange

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