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In order to foster collaboration between the Swedish and German AI ecosystems, DLR Projektträger, AI Sweden, RISE and the German AI Association host the first Swedish German AI Colloquium on 29 November, supported by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action. 

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“If Sweden is to be at the forefront of AI research, it is important to maintain and develop cooperation with research environments in other countries.”
National approach to artificial intelligence, Swedish Government

“[T]o strengthen Germany as an internationally competitive centre of AI research, development and application […] entails further establishing and expanding AI ecosystems in Germany and Europe.”
Artificial Intelligence Strategy of the German Federal Government, 2020 Update

In order to make good on these promises and to connect the AI ecosystems of the two countries, you are invited to attend the

Swedish German AI Colloquium

The colloquium will be jointly hosted by DLR Projektträger, AI Sweden, RISE and the German AI Association and is supported by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action. 

Sessions will be held at regular intervals on different application areas, technology topics and cross-sectional issues. All talks are intended for both AI experts and partners interested in the application of artificial intelligence. Become a member of a German-Swedish network of professionals in the field of AI and use the opportunity to foster collaboration, discuss challenges and exchange ideas during stimulating discussions in small groups.

The inaugural 
Swedish-German AI Colloquium
29 November 2022, 15:15 – 16:15

AI for Industry 4.0

will take place online and will include presentations on the Swedish project SALLPI and the German project FabOS. 

SALLPI activities and projects are developing a long-term and accessible arena for the process industry to test new industrial innovations, functions and solutions in an environment that mimics real production conditions. The project builds infrastructure and business model via six industry driven Use Cases with a focus on digitalization of the process industry, e.g., AI-based quality control of battery manufacturing.

FabOS forms the IT backbone for the transformational automation of the factory of the future and the basis of an ecosystem for data-driven services and AI applications. Companies can benefit from their deep domain knowledge and experience of industrial products, complex and high-quality manufacturing processes, and transformative and highly networked production systems (Internet of Things, Industry 4.0).

A detailed agenda will be published shortly before the event.

How can I participate in the Colloquium?

Please register for free here. We will keep you updated on upcoming events.

Projects interested in presenting at a future date can state their interest by contacting the respective country’s organizers. For projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, please contact pt-dt-international@dlr.de

More information on AI in Germany and Sweden

AI Sweden is the Swedish national center for applied artificial intelligence (AI), supported by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, and partners from both private and public sector as well as academia. AI Sweden accelerates the use of AI in Sweden by investing together and sharing with many. As a result of this strategy, partners can leverage the contributions of others to accelerate their own work.

RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, is Sweden's research institute and innovation partner. We work closely with Swedish industry and the public sector on new solutions to ensure competitiveness and a sustainable future. Within AI, RISE has over 100 ongoing projects that explore the value-creating potential of AI in a wide range of domains. RISE Center for Applied AI spearheads these efforts, driving cutting-edge AI research, and exploring innovative applications in collaboration between AI and domain expertise.

The “AI Innovation Competition” funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) currently includes 26 projects with a total of 385 partners, which develop innovative approaches for AI-based platform economies. The aim is to drive forward the application of artificial intelligence in all relevant areas of the economy, focusing in particular on the requirements and opportunities of the numerous small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. The BMWK thereby contributes to the fast implementation of the national AI strategy with the aim of establishing Germany as a leading player for the development and application of AI technologies.

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Swedish German AI Colloquium

Date, time of the event: 29 November, 15:15-16:15
Venue: online
Organiser: DLR Projektträger, RISE, AI Sweden, KI Bundesverband

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For questions please contact:

Johann Schmidt
+49 30 67055 8326