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Strategic Foresight

We are your partner for questions about the future
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Predicting the future? DLR Projektträger approaches this goal with the method of "Strategic Foresight". We develop future scenarios that provide a sound basis for long-term decisions – and thus help to master pressing challenges.

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Climate change, wars, artificial intelligence, mobility – in view of these global challenges, it is important to develop future scenarios across borders. This gives political decision-makers the opportunity to develop sustainable and long-term programmes and measures in order to position themselves more resiliently and competitively for future challenges. Our Strategic Foresight services provide a valid evidence-base for precisely this.

Inclusive and stakeholder-oriented

Finding answers to future questions requires the know-how and creativity of numerous experts. We contribute our methodological skills, our regional expertise and the specific knowledge of the entire DLR Projektträger to Strategic Foresight processes. With more than 400 partners in around 130 countries, we have long-standing contacts to involve the best minds worldwide in the development of future scenarios. In the network of the Association of Professional Futurists, which promotes strategic futures research and studies worldwide, we also exchange ideas with experts from Australia, the USA, Finland and the United Kingdom, for example, on new pioneering topics and continuously extend the "toolbox" for Strategic Foresight.

Our methods of Strategic Foresight

Our services cover every step of the foresight process. We train our clients in the most important methods of Strategic Foresight, identify the relevant stakeholders for the foresight process and develop scenarios, roadmaps and strategies. For our consultancy and evaluations, we use tried and tested approaches, such as our Strategic Impact Navigation Assessment (SINAVI) model and evaluate the foresight processes for our clients. The building blocks of our service portfolio are:

  • conception and implementation of the entire foresight process – from the identification of future trends to scenario building and implementation
  • conception and implementation of training seminars on Strategic Foresight methods
  • advice on the selection of relevant stakeholders to be involved in the foresight process and the provision of concrete contacts
  • development of strategies and roadmaps based on the results of the foresight process
  • project consultation based on the "Strategic Impact Navigation Assessment (SINAVI)" model developed by DLR Projektträger, which incorporates strategic foresight methods into the evaluation process in order to increase the impact of the projects
  • conducting evaluations of foresight processes with the help of the toolbox of the Association of Professional Futurists, co-developed by DLR Projektträger
  • Consulting on the use of foresight methods for the conception and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies, which are intended to promote regional structural change towards knowledge- and innovation-led growth
  • Our new governance tool, the Foresight Navigator, co-developed by DLR Projektträger, enables those responsible for Smart Specialisation to focus more on the substantive challenges that are important for shaping a sustainable future in their regional economic, social and innovative context.
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Successful practical examples of Strategic Foresight by DLR Projektträger

Read selected references on how DLR Projektträger successfully applies the instrument of Strategic Foresight:

EU study "Strategic Foresight in the Western Balkans: Recovery on the Horizon"

On behalf of the EU Commission, DLR Projektträger coordinated and co-authored a study in which three future scenarios for research and innovation in the Western Balkans for 2035 were developed. The aim of the study is to support the Western Balkan states in their reforms for possible EU accession.

Training Seminars in Europe, Latin America and Africa on Strategic Foresight

DLR Projektträger organises training seminars on behalf of the EU Commission to strengthen representatives from higher education and civil society on the approaches and methods of Strategic Foresight (e.g. trend/environmental analyses, scenario creation, backcasting (2022-2025)).

In addition, the Institute for Qualifying Innovation Research and Consultancy (IQIB), a subsidiary of DLR Projektträger, organises methodological training and application on Strategic Foresight to improve research utilisation in Cameroon (University of Ngaoundéré).

Together on the Moon" project

DLR Projektträger provided methodological support to the DLR Space Agency and the French space agency CNES in developing four future scenarios around the question of what a possible human settlement on the Moon might look like in 2050. The focus was on the impact of various resources that are central to lunar travel, first and foremost the availability of water.

"Strategic Impact Navigation Assessment" model (SINAVI): Pilot project on quantum computing

With the "Strategic Impact Navigation Assessment (SINAVI)" model, DLR Projektträger has developed a concept that combines Strategic Foresight with evaluation methods. It helps to derive recommendations for action for the future design of programmes and other initiatives, to adapt intervention instruments and to increase their impact. The pilot project is an international funding programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the topic of quantum computing.

Regular dialogue format "Brussels: FutureTalks”

DLR Projektträger organises high-level discussion groups at its Brussels liaison office to apply Strategic Foresight to key challenges of the future. In these discussions, DLR Projektträger also sets new methodological impulses for a modern mission-oriented innovation policy in Germany and the EU.

European and international foresight networks

In addition to its involvement in the Association of Professional Futurists, the Foresight Europe Network and the German-language network "Zukünftebildung" (Futures Literacy), DLR Projektträger was able to contribute its expertise to the EU Ministerial Meeting on the Western Balkans, the European Economic and Social Committee, the EU's Horizon Europe Foresight Network and the EUREKA Network, among others.

ENRICH Global Competence Centre "Foresight and Innovation Management

DLR Projektträger initiated the development of the competence centre and is responsible for providing Strategic Foresight and innovation management capacity building courses. DLR Projektträger is supported by the Institute for Qualifying Innovation Research and Consulting (IQIB).

Roadmapping to achieve the energy transition

The IQIB uses roadmapping as a method of technology assessment to develop meaningful socio-economic indicators of the energy transition through co-design with different stakeholders.

Main and Other Contacts

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Dr Simone Weske

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