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Bundesministerin Karliczek im Austausch mit der EU-Kommissarin Mariya Gabriel

Public relations in context of project sponsorship by the EU-Bureau (BMBF)

Event management in pandemic times
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The Centre of Expertise for Public Relations advises and supports the DLR Projektträger in all PR-related topics. One particular challenge was the implementation of the German EU Council Presidency 2020 under COVID-19conditions.

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The tasks that DLR Projektträger undertakes in public relations for its clients were put to the test by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was because Germany assumed the EU Council Presidency in the middle of the Corona crisis. DLR Projektträger provided support in these circumstances by designing and implementing high-level events, including three ministerial meetings.

Our tasks

The Centre of Expertise for Public Relations is responsible for the implementation of public relations in DLR Projektträger's contracts , including the EU-Bureauof the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).In this contract , the portfolio of the Centre of Expertise covers a wide range of aspects. It includes the creation and implementation of Internet portals and numerous electronic newsletters as well as publications in print and online formats. Furthermore, different event formats – physical, virtual as well as hybrid - are conceived, organised as well as administratively implemented.

During the German EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020, a number of aspects required additional attention. Among them the adaptation of long running event planningto COVID-19 protocolls. The meeting of European research ministers, for example, was not held on the Petersberg near Bonn, but as a virtual event from a BMBF studio in Berlin. Other meetings took place physically or in hybrid form, but under the strictest hygiene regulations.

Successful events

The conclusion drawn by the Centre of Expertise for Public Relations from this trial by fire is that even in difficult pandemic conditions, it was possible to successfully implement target group-specific and varied concepts. Good planning as well as target-oriented procedures and concepts (also on hygiene issues) ensured the safety and satisfaction of all participants.

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