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Framework Programme for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Understanding Society – Shaping the Future
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The humanities and social sciences play a key role in shaping our future. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) provides scholars scope to conduct innovative research, thus strengthening the potential of the humanities and social sciences.

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Since 2012, DLR-PT has been in charge of the BMBF framework programme "Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences" and, since 2019, the new framework programme "Understanding Society – Shaping the Future". In this programme, the humanities and social sciences will be funded with more than 700 million euros over a seven-year period.

Focus on social challenges

How can social cohesion be strengthened? What makes a society capable of innovation? How can we preserve our cultural heritage and use this treasure to shape our future? The humanities and social sciences can make a significant contribution to finding answers to these and other questions through their knowledge resources and their wide range of research approaches. The BMBF's current framework programme supports both basic research in the humanities and social sciences and applied research that can provide policy-makers and practitioners with important knowledge for orientation, decision-making and action.

Funding open-topic research enables scholars to address unorthodox questions and develop new research contexts and collaborative schemes. In addition, research infrastructure is being developed and strengthened at both national and European level.

Our formats for excellent research, networking and science communication

In close exchange with the academic community, the departments "Societies of the Future" and "Humanities and Cultural Heritage" develop and implement concrete funding priorities and formats. The projects range from small research projects and networks at various academic institutions to large formats, e.g. the regional study centres at German universities, the "Research Institute for Social Cohesion", the internationally located "Sybilla Merian Centres" or the "Käte Hamburger Kollegs".

While we initiate formats for excellent research and create scope for innovative research questions, we also involve politics, administration, civil society and business in the research process whenever possible, for example through events and discussion rounds. The central communication portal is the interactive website www.geistes-und-sozialwissenschaften-bmbf.de, designed and maintained by DLR-PT. It strengthens the visibility of the humanities and social sciences, brings them into conversation and forms the central hub for the professional exchange of information between stakeholders and the public.

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