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Launch of EMiN network – bringing "EU missions" together for success

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The EU has set itself ambitious goals with its "missions" in order to master current challenges such as climate change. To ensure that this succeeds in all EU Member States, the "European Missions Network"(EMiN) is being set up under the leadership of DLR Projektträger. The kick-off took place in Brussels on the 19th October.

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7th November 2022 — What support do the EU states need to successfully implement the missions? This question was addressed by around 60 experts at the EMiN kick-off in Brussels in October. Specifically, the aim was to identify the challenges, potential for success and key requirements to create an active EU mission community and to support all stakeholders involved at national, regional and local level in implementing their mission activities. DLR Projektträger, which coordinates the establishment of the network, organised the event together with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Norwegian Research Council (NRC).

EMiN network – central information and exchange platform

The EMiN is to become the central information and exchange platform around the EU missions. In addition to offering exchange and learning formats, another important goal is to pool expertise, experience, scientific findings and practical examples.

In order to master this complex task, DLR Projektträger can draw on its many years of experience in setting up other EU-wide networks, such as the Net4Society network within the framework of the EU-wide "Horizon Europe" funding programme for research and innovation. Above all, its transnational expertise and networking distinguish DLR Projektträger as a suitable coordinator of the EU-wide mission network.

The EMiN is an important component of the EU-funded TRAMI project (Transnational Cooperation on the Missions Approach), which began in April 2022 and has a duration of 24 months. The aim of TRAMI is to engage key stakeholders and citizens in the active implementation of EU missions. The EMiN is designed for the long term and will continue beyond the duration of TRAMI.

EU missions – ambitious goals for urgent challenges

Missions are EU-wide research and development instruments that address ambitious goals to tackle current societal challenges through interdisciplinary innovation, and involve the public from the outset. For example, the Cities Mission aims to build one hundred climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. The Climate Change Adaptation Mission will support at least 150 European regions and communities on climate resilience by 2030. And the Cancer Mission aims to improve the quality of life for more than three million people by 2030. Two other missions are in the areas of healthy oceans and waters and soils.

The concept of mission was inspired by the Apollo 11 mission in the 1960s. At that time, the USA wanted to realise the first manned moon landing within a decade. The new, mission-oriented approach in the EU research framework programme "Horizon Europe" follows on from this. It defines missions as clearly time-limited, interdisciplinary instruments for research and innovation (R&I) that provide clear European added value and pursue ambitious but realistic goals.

The next meeting of the EMIN is expected to take place in December. Interested parties can find out more on the TRAMI website and via the TRAMI newsletter.

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