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G20 Indonesia 2022

G20 Summit: Focus on education, research and innovation

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The G20 Summit ended in Bali on the 16th November 2022. The preceding ministerial meetings on education, research and innovation focused, among other things, on the post-COVID-19 world of work and on digital learning technologies. DLR Projektträger provided intensive support for the BMBF's participation.

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18th November 2022 — On the 15th and 16th November 2022, the 17th summit of the 20 leading industrialised and emerging countries took place in Bali. Hosting the Summit, Indonesia had placed it under the motto "Recover Together, Recover Stronger". The goal was inclusive, resilient and sustainable economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. Indonesia also set substantive accents in the individual Working Groups.

In the field of education, research and innovation, DLR Projektträger supported the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which was responsible on the German side for the preparation, participation and follow-up of all meetings. This took place in a difficult environment, as the entire summit and the work in the individual groups was overshadowed by the Ukraine war.

On the topic of education, Indonesia put the thematic priorities Universal Quality Education, Digital Technologies in Education, Solidarity and Partnerships, The Future of Work Post COVID-19 on the agenda. Finally, an Education Report on the state of play in the member countries and a compendium of exemplary programmes from each country on these topics were prepared. In the area of research and innovation, Indonesia had chosen the topics of biodiversity, blue and green economy, and efforts to strengthen R&I cooperation through the joint use of infrastructure and funding.

DLR Projektträger provided intensive support to the BMBF

The BMBF participated in both the WG on Education and the WG on Research and Innovation and was intensively supported by DLR Projektträger in the preparation, participation and follow-up of all meetings. This also included ongoing coordination, ministerial and departmental enquiries, and preparations for meetings.

In the end, neither the two working groups mentioned above nor any of the others reached a joint final declaration due to the war in Ukraine. The ministerial meetings (Education on the 1st September 2022, Research and Innovation on 28th October 2022) ended with a so-called Chair's Summary, in which the Indonesian Presidency communicated the results of the discussions on its own responsibility.

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