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Event: Fostering Innovation Ecosystems through Widening

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Establishing scientific excellence in all EU countries - that is the goal of the "Widening" action program. At the seventh Brussels: FutureTalks on November 20, 2023, experts will discuss what role the program can play in the individual innovation ecosystems in Central and Eastern European countries.

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19th October 2023 — "Horizon Europe", the EU's most important funding program for research and innovation, is designed to secure Europe's global competitiveness. The aim is to overcome the considerable differences between the EU countries in order to exploit the full potential of the European Research Area. Widening, the work program in Horizon Europe, was created for this purpose. It works to establish scientific excellence in all EU member states and to increase the participation of member states with low R&D performance - the so-called Widening countries - in "Horizon Europe".

Using funding more effectively, closing the innovation gap

In view of growing social and economic challenges, the question currently being asked is: How can EU funding for research and innovation be used even more effectively in the future? How can funding be combined more intelligently along national and European strategies to create synergies? Preparations for the next seven-year EU research framework have already begun. The European Commission has signaled that it considers the Widening Work Program to be a central part of it, but sees a need for strategic and substantive changes. This gives rise to discussions that are crucial to the question of how to close the innovation gap.

DLR Project Management Agency offers forum for exchange

With the seventh edition of the Brussels: FutureTalks event series, the DLR Project Management Agency is now offering a forum for exchange on the topic "Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Europe: Which Role for Widening?". Experts from EU institutions, practitioners and national stakeholders are invited to discuss experiences with and future perspectives of Widening and the role of innovation systems.

The event will take place on November 20, 2023 at the premises of the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR). Virtual participation is not possible.

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Brussels FutureTalks „Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Europe: Which Role for Widening?”

Date: Monday, 20 November 2023
Time: 13:00-15:30 CET
Venue: NCBR Brussels Office: Rue Belliard 40, 1040 Brussels

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