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Event: Brussels FutureTalks on vocational education and training in Europe

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On 12 March, the DLR Projektträger "Brussels FutureTalks" will enter the next round. The event "Vocational Education and Training in Europe: Shaping a More Inclusive Future" will bring together experts from (vocational) education and training, politics, networks and the economic and social partners in the European Year of Skills.

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6th February 2024 — Vocational education and training (VET) not only has great potential in the development of technical innovation, but also contributes to societal stability and resilience. This potential may not yet be fully utilised: What can we learn from newer EU member states, e.g. the Baltic states, and from third countries, e.g. Switzerland, about successful VET? How does VET help to overcome the gender gap in the labour markets (e.g. in STEM subjects) and better integrate disadvantaged individuals? These and other questions are addressed in the new edition of Brussels FutureTalks.

The DLR Projektträger invites you to the Brussels FutureTalks

This event, organised by the DLR Project Management Agency together with SwissCore, the Swiss contact point for European research, innovation and education, and the Mission of Switzerland to the EU, will shed light on the dynamics of international cooperation and inclusion in VET against the backdrop of the digital and green transformation. Stimuli from politics, VET research and the economic and social partners will have their say in order to jointly identify the challenges and formulate proposals for shaping the future - especially with regard to the policy field of VET and to its upcoming desiderata?

As a contribution to the European Year of Skills, this 8th edition of the “Brussels FutureTalks” series will have a forward-looking focus on the main possibilities and opportunities arising from European and international cooperation in vocational education and training.

The event will take place on 12 March at the Brussels premises of the Swiss Mission to the EU.

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Brussels FutureTalks “Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Europe: Shaping a More Inclusive Future”

Date: Tuesday, 12 March 2024

Time: 17:00 to 19:00 CET

Location: Swiss representation to the EU, Place du Luxembourg 1, 1050 Brussels

Register for the event here. Unfortunately, virtual participation is not possible.

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