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DLR Projektträger trains European diplomats in science diplomacy

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DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) continues to expand its training expertise. For the first time, it organised a training session on science diplomacy for 68 young European diplomats at the invitation of the European External Action Service.

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"This training was an important step towards getting diplomats more involved in shaping science diplomacy in addition to actors from the scientific community. We hope that the topic will be firmly anchored in the training programme of European diplomats in the future."

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Stella Reschke
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DLR-PT Brussels Office

The EU Science Diplomacy Alliance is a joint initiative launched by the EU Science Diplomacy projects S4D4C, InsSciDE and EL-CSID to maintain and expand the networks established by the three projects. The aim of the 24 members is to further develop joint research projects, policy advice, capacity building and training activities on science diplomacy. DLR-PT is one of the founding members of the Alliance.

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Maria Josten

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