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An attractive employer – DLR Projektträger at Career Day

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At this year's CoRe-Net Career Day, Dr Anne Lücke informed students and researchers in the health sciences about the many opportunities and prospects of working at DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT). Lücke is head of the "Strategy and Ethics" department in the Health Division of DLR-PT.

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5th April 2022 — What happens after graduation or a doctorate in, for example, medicine, health services research, health economics or another subject in the health sciences? At the second CoRe-Net Career Day on the 24th March 2022, 17 speakers from different professional groups offered an overview of the wide range of interesting fields of activity in the health sciences, development and management. Among others, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), health insurance companies as well as the University of Cologne and other research institutions were represented. Also, Dr med. Anne Lücke, Head of the Strategy and Ethics Department in the Health Division of DLR-PT, was among the speakers. "DLR-PT provides strategic and funding management support to the largest and most important players in the field of public health research – the BMBF, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Joint Committee – making it a very attractive employer with a wide range of opportunities," she said.

"An exciting field of activity"

Portraitfoto Dr. Anne Lücke
Dr Anne Lücke, Head of the Strategy and Ethics Department at DLR-PT, provided information at the CoRe-Net Career Day about the health sector at DLR-PT as an employer. 

Lücke, who is herself a habilitated specialist in physiology, sees the great thematic breadth of tasks and the interdisciplinary work in the project management organisation as major strengths of DLR-PT. "Together with our clients, we contribute to the success of health research and the further development of the healthcare system," she says. She also sees the opportunity to promote European and international cooperation in various committees as an interesting prospect for health scientists. "DLR-PT is a modern employer that offers an exciting field of work and very good opportunities for further training," Lücke sums up.

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Networks to improve care

The Career Day was organised by the Cologne Competence Network from Practice and Research (CoRe-Net) of the University of Cologne in cooperation with the Centre for Health Services Research Cologne (ZVFK). Both networks regularly offer joint events for students and young scientists from the health care sector to promote young researchers.

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In the area of health, more than 200 experts from DLR-PT support Federal and State ministries, the European Commission, foundations and institutions such as the Federal Joint Committee in health research projects and the further development of the healthcare system.

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