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Brussels Future Talks

Research, innovation and higher education in a global context

The voice of the future generation in Science Diplomacy
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As part of the Brussels: FutureTalks series of events, the Brussels representative office of DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) is organising a hybrid workshop on "Research, innovation and higher education in a global context: The voice of the future generation in Science Diplomacy". The aim is to make the voice of young experts interested in working in the field of education and science diplomacy heard. What hopes and perspectives do they associate with working at the interface of science and diplomacy? What difficulties do they encounter on their career path? At this event, you will meet a group of representatives from international politics and science diplomacy who are going to take a stand on the role of the young generation.

DLR-PT will continue to lead the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance in its Brussels office until the end of the year. The Alliance was founded as a result of three EU Horizon 2020 projects. The Brussels: FutureTalks are (currently) a digital or hybrid exchange format with invited guests. This event is a hybrid event. Some of the speakers will be present in Brussels. The workshop is open to the public, but registration is requested.

The event will take place in a virtual and hybrid format.
Some of the participants will be present in Brussels (by personal invitation) at the office of the "EU Liaison Office of the German Science Organisations" (KoWi):

EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi
Rue du Trône 98
B- 1050 Bruxelles

Event day and time:
24.11.2021, 13:00 - 15:15 hrs

DLR Projektträger, Brussels Representative Office

The virtual component of the event is open to the public and free of charge and it will be implemented as a Webex conference. Registration is required for virtual participation.


Online registration is for virtual participation only.

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