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Improving the opportunities for women in research – DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) supports the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in this project. Among other things, it is about the visibility and presence of women’s academic achievements and ideas.

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Wireless transmission technology, syringes that can be operated with one hand or the windscreen wiper system in cars – these are achievements that make our everyday lives immensely easier. What hardly anyone knows is that they were developed by women, some of them decades ago. But the inventors – Hedy Lamarr, Laetitia Geer and Mary Anderson – are largely unknown to the public, at least for their research achievements. While nowadays, women develop many innovative solutions and products, they still often receive less recognition for this than their male colleagues. The BMBF's funding guidelines therefore state: "In order to better understand and tap the potential of excellent women for Germany's innovation culture, women must be more visible and present with their scientific achievements, innovative ideas and accomplishments." Only if women are known in society as high achievers and pioneers of relevant developments can they act as role models and sources of inspiration for young female scientists and future generations.

DLR-PT supports innovative projects

Over the next few years, the funding priority "Focus on Innovative Women" will support research projects and measures that improve equal opportunities and participation conditions for women in science and research, strengthen their representation in traditional and digital media, and increase the visibility of their achievements, potential and expertise for the culture of science and innovation in Germany. In addition, strategies and innovative approaches for structural anchoring in organisations are promoted. DLR-PT is implementing this funding priority on behalf of the BMBF. The research projects and implementation measures are interlinked by a meta project and accompanied by publicity.

The experts at DLR-PT have many years of experience in the field of women's and gender-specific research. This enables them to provide technical and administrative support for the projects to be funded, as well as qualified advice to the BMBF. DLR-PT organises information events for those interested in funding, advises applicant institutions and supports the funding recipients in all phases of project funding. "Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of equal opportunities and of education and research policy measures to achieve gender justice, we help to ensure that innovative and socially relevant projects see the light of day," says Dr Karen Schierhorn, scientific officer in the Equal Opportunities, Gender Research, Diversity department at DLR-PT. "In this manner, we support increasing the visibility of scientific achievements by women."

For many years, DLR-PT has been responsible for implementing projects on gender-sensitive topics on behalf of the BMBF. For example, it has been supporting the National Pact for Women in STEM Professions since 2008. Under the motto "Come, do STEM", young women are encouraged to study a STEM subject and provided with a wide range of information on interesting careers in the STEM sector. In addition, DLR-PT supports the Federal and State governments in implementing the programme for women professors.

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