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Transfer in health research - explained in four minutes

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It often takes years before patients benefit from new scientific findings. The path from the laboratory to the bedside is called transfer. A short animated film now sums up the steps characterising this complex process. DLR Projektträger was closely involved in producing the film on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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15th August 2022 — In four minutes, and easy to understand for medical laypersons, the film uses the example of drug development to explain the individual steps of the transfer chain and illustrates its most important stages. Setting out from basic research with a discovery in the laboratory, it outlines the innovation process through the various phases of clinical research and ends with the approval of a new drug. The film makes it clear that researchers can even gain important insights from supposed failures which advance science elsewhere.

Transfer-oriented research funding by the BMBF

In addition to projects in basic and clinical research – such as those outlined in the film, which DLR Projektträger oversees on behalf of the BMBF, both technically and administratively on a large scale – the ministry also funds the development of infrastructures, the qualification of scientists and cooperation between research and industrial companies. The interplay of all these factors, which constantly optimise the transfer chain, is depicted in the film.

With their technical know-how and experience in media conception, the communication experts of DLR Projektträger's Health Communication Department contributed to the vivid presentation of the complex topic of transfer. In close coordination with the BMBF, they played a key role in the development of the storyboard and managed the agency entrusted with the realisation of the film.

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