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Science diplomacy event – From Data to Policy Implementation

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Brussels: FutureTalks, the event series organised by the DLR Projektträger’s Brussels office, enters its fifth round on January 26th. Together with the Mission of Switzerland to the EU, DLR Projektträger invites you to a panel discussion followed by a reception on the topic of Science Diplomacy: From Data to Policy Implementation.

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15th December 2022 — In May 2021, the European Commission adopted "Europe's Global Approach to Cooperation in Research and Innovation". Science diplomacy, which describes the interaction between international policy and science, plays a central role in the new strategy. Currently, Member States, the Commission and stakeholders are in the process of developing a European Agenda for Science Diplomacy.

Together with the Mission of Switzerland to the EU, DLR Projektträger is taking on a facilitator role, supporting discussion between science, politics, diplomacy and stakeholders and enabling dialogue on science diplomacy at European level. The event is the third Brussels: FutureTalks focusing on science diplomacy.

How can science diplomacy actors be strengthened? Which instruments are available, and which ones are needed to promote science diplomacy in the future? How should they be adapted to policy needs? These questions will guide the discussion.

The Brussels office of DLR Projektträger initiated the event. In doing so, its experts are following up on their active role in the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance, which DLR Projektträger chaired in the second half of 2021.

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Brussels FutureTalks "Science Diplomacy: From Data to Policy Implementation"

Date: Thursday, 26th January 2023
Time: 17:00 - 19:00, followed by a reception
Venue: Mission of Switzerland to the EU, Place Luxembourg 1, 1050 Brussels

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Unfortunately, virtual participation is not possible.

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