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Research in Germany a new short film on Germany as a research location

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Young talent is needed to drive research and innovation forward. The Education and Research Ministry’s "Research in Germany" initiative has now produced a film to help ensure that Germany stays an attractive R&D location in international comparison. DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) supervised producing and realising this film from start to finish.

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19th May 2022 — It's a premiere – in two senses. For the first time, the initiative "Research in Germany" (RiG), run by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), is promoting Germany as a research location with a short film. The two-minute film has been available on the RiG website since the 18th May 2022 and is being distributed via various social media channels. It shows a colourful Germany worth living in where young knowledge workers from all over the world enjoy staying and working. It thus contributes to the goal of the current Coalition Agreement to make Germany visible as an attractive location in global competition for talent in research and innovation.

From the idea to the finished image film

On behalf of the BMBF, DLR-PT supervised the film from the initial idea to the final result. This included organising the production process, managing the agency, as well as contributing to the content and advising the BMBF, for example in the selection of film locations. The film was also tested on the main target group to optimise its impact. Furthermore, DLR-PT is responsible for the distribution of the film with the aid of a multi-channel strategy. This includes a pre-premiere, press releases, mailings and a social media campaign.

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To present Germany as a research location in a short film was no easy task. We wanted to show as many facets as possible, both professionally and geographically.

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Benedikt Springer
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Project Manager in the "Policy Issues" Department, "European and International Cooperation" Division
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Germany as a research location: colourful, liveable, likeable

The film is aimed primarily at young international researchers, whom Germany offers ideal opportunities for career development. The scenes chosen illustrate the broad range of topics in research and innovation in Germany – from the environment and energy to artificial intelligence, health and society. And even beyond the research landscape, the film shows Germany as a colourful, liveable and likeable host country.

Infobox: Research in Germany

The BMBF initiative "Research in Germany" has been the umbrella brand for international marketing of Germany as a location for research and innovation since 2006. The aim is to strengthen Germany's international networking and visibility. DLR-PT has been an important partner of the BMBF in the implementation of "Research in Germany" ever since it was started. We provide advice, carry out our own campaigns (most recently "Future of Work") and handle the funding for the RiG network of the DAAD, the DFG and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

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Worldwide cooperation in education and research

The activities in "Research in Germany" are an important component of the International Bureau (IB) at DLR-PT. For more than 20 years, the IB has supported the BMBF in worldwide cooperation in the fields of education and research. The IB develops strategic approaches based on analyses, evaluations and foresight processes in order to cooperate with partner countries and regions worldwide. This also includes helping to shape the political strategies and concepts of the Federal Government – above all the strategy for the internationalisation of education, science and research.

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