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New Head of Education, Gender Division: Dr Astrid Fischer

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Since 1st November, Dr Astrid Fischer has been head of the DLR Projektträger Education, Gender Division. With a degree in business education, she succeeds Dr Christian Ganseuer, who is moving to the new Chair of Research and Innovation Management at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences.

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24th November 2021 — "I'm really looking forward to the work," says Dr Fischer, who has held various positions at DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) since 2001. She refers to developments in the areas of sustainability, digitalisation, integration, inclusion and migration, cultural education and the establishment of education management structures in municipalities, among others, as the main focus of her work.

Most recently, Fischer was head of the DLR- PT department Cultural and Political Education, Education for Sustainability. Before joining DLR-PT, she had worked at the Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training in the Skilled Crafts at the University of Cologne for seven years. She completed her doctorate at its Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.

"We are delighted that we have been able to recruit Dr Astrid Fischer, a highly committed and competent PT employee of many years' standing, for the strategically important task of heading the Division," says DLR-PT Director Klaus Uckel. Dr Fischer completes the Division head level at DLR-PT together with her colleagues Dr Jens-Jörg Schnorr (Health Division), Martin Wegner (Society, Innovation, Technology), Dr Andre Schlochtermeier (European and International Cooperation), Dr Christian von Drachenfels (Environment and Sustainability) and Steffen Bruckner (Competence Centres and Services).

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