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Mobile on the move: Film reports from everyday research life

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Sharing its findings with the public – in recent years a task which has become increasingly important for science. The BMBF also considers responsible science communication to be an integral element of the science system and sees it as a particular challenge.

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12th October 2021 — An online workshop initiated by the BMBF on the topic of "Mobile Reporting" in the spring familiarised young researchers from the field of rare diseases with how they can present their research work in cinematic reports.

In the workshop, which was moderated by an experienced TV journalist and media scientist, the young researchers learnt more about the basics of good science communication. In practical exercises, they tried out how to create meaningful short films using their own smartphones. The organisational preparation for this two-day workshop was carried out by communication experts from the DLR-PT Health Communication Department. They accompanied the virtual event and were also available to the participating scientists as contact persons afterwards.

The first contributions, in which the young researchers report authentically and in a generally comprehensible way on the content of their work, can be viewed here.

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