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Healthcare in everyday life – DLR Projektträger supports research projects

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The Innovation Committee at the Federal Joint Committee wants to advance the provision of health care for those with statutory health insurance through 32 new research projects. DLR Projektträger is implementing the measure on behalf of the Innovation Committee.

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30th May 2022 — Germany’s healthcare system is facing major changes. Medicine is becoming increasingly digital, and many treatment processes are getting more and more complex. In addition, there are considerable differences in the individual regions of Germany as to which health services are actually required and to what extent. The Innovation Committee at the Federal Joint Committee (‘Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss’, G-BA) took these and other topics into consideration with two funding announcements in June 2021. Now, 32 projects have been selected which, in the opinion of the committee, can make an important contribution to the further development of care in the statutory health insurance system.

Great response: 161 applications received for review

A total of 161 applications were received for the topic-specific announcement and for a second, open-topic area at DLR Projektträger, which is entrusted with implementing the funding measures and advising the applicants. Of the applications received, a total of 32 projects were selected for funding. Of these, 21 projects are on topics such as digital healthcare, data-based decision-making and regional health research. Nine projects are being funded in the open-topic area.

Further development of medical guidelines also in focus

In addition to the currently selected research projects, the Innovation Committee had already selected 18 projects for the development and updating of medical guidelines for funding in April 2022. The focus is on guidelines for which there is a particular need in health care. Topics include, for example, the improvement of drug therapy safety and the care of target groups with special needs.

DLR Projektträger supports the projects in their implementation

DLR Projektträger is supporting the office of the Innovation Committee at the G-BA and covers a broad spectrum: among other things, DLR Projektträger prepares the funding announcements, advises applicants and is responsible for the technical and administrative support of all projects that have been selected for funding.

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For better medical care

Improving medical care for the more than 70 million people with statutory health insurance in Germany – this is what the projects of the Innovation Fund at the Federal Joint Committee are all about. DLR Projektträger has been overseeing the implementation of the numerous projects since 2016.

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