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Green light for innovative campus plans

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The City of Bonn has given the green light to a preliminary building application for a groundbreaking office project. The DLR Projektträger is to move onto the energy-efficient, socially and sustainably designed campus in the north of the city.

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28th March 2023 — The preliminary building application submitted in August 2022 by the Ten Brinke/ BLI Group joint venture for a further office complex on Justus-von-Liebig-Straße has been positively approved by the City of Bonn. The DLR Projektträger will gather its employees, who have so far been spread over several buildings in Bonn, on a central, representative campus. The approx. 43,000 m² of gross floor space, in which modern office areas allow flexible, sustainable working, will be complemented by a canteen and a large conference area in the centre of the campus.

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"After a long search, we are happy to see our decision for Bonn on a secure path," explains Klaus Uckel, Managing Director of the DLR Projektträger. "In Ten Brinke we have found an investor, developer and landlord who builds in a way that suits us: innovative, socially and ecologically sustainable."

Ilja Alexander Keller, Managing Director of Ten Brinke Rheinland GmbH, adds: "My team and I are very excited about this sustainable and new benchmark-setting project."

The site in Bonn-Dransdorf, which is currently almost completely sealed and predominantly built up with office, storage, commercial and paved parking areas, is being transformed into a sustainable and energy-efficient campus. Ten Brinke is aiming for the use of advanced plant technology, DGNB Gold certification and the achievement of the Kfw40 energy standard. Heating and cooling will be supplied via a groundwater well. In addition, photovoltaic elements are planned on the roof surfaces as well as on the façade to supply the office spaces with electricity. The large-scale roof terraces and earth-bound façade greening contribute to increasing the quality of stay and the microclimate and create short connecting paths between the buildings.

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