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DLR Projektträger organises "Digital Technology Days" 2022

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Climate protection, a resilient economy and its ecological transformation are current topics that will be the focus of the upcoming "Days of Digital Technologies" in Berlin. This is the third time that DLR Projektträger (DLR-PT) is organising the congress for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK).

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11th August 2022 — Dr Anna Christmann, Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Start-ups, is to open the congress on the 29th August 2022, at 12 noon. In the afternoon, the new funding priority "Green Tech: Digital Technologies as Key to the Ecological Transformation of the Economy" will be presented. Michael Kellner, Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMWK, will be providing information about the goals and contents of the recently launched priority.

On the 29th and 30th August, the focus will also be on what contribution digitalisation can make to a sustainable and resilient economy. In addition to organising the event, DLR Projektträger is responsible for designing the contents of other parts of the event.

Information, networking and discussions

The conference offers interested parties from business, research and politics the opportunity to learn about current developments and future-relevant topics in the field of digital technologies. Another focus of the meeting is on making contacts. The programme includes explicit networking breaks for this purpose. In expert forums and panel discussions, and in a large exhibition area, participants will learn more about the results of research work achieved in the BMWK's technology programmes. Keynotes and panel discussions are to focus, among other things, on data protection and security as an opportunity for German companies, on the results and perspectives of the programme "Showcase Secure Digital Identities", and on the use of quantum computers. In expert forums, participants will also discuss how new digital technologies can be put into practice. Interested parties can register here.

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We need to develop holistic solutions to meet the major current challenges – such as the climate crisis. Digital technologies are the decisive key here. More than ever before, the networking of business, research and politics is relevant. The Digital Technology Days offer excellent opportunities for this.

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Dr Jasmin Franz
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Head of Department Digital Strategies and Developments
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Profilbild von Dr. Jasmin Franz
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Digital awakening

With the coalition agreement "Dare to make more progress", the Federal Government seeks to launch a digital awakening and further advance digital key technologies as well as the digital sovereignty of the economy. With numerous application-oriented technology programmes, such as the "Secure Digital Identities Showcase", the innovation competition "Artificial Intelligence" and the technology programme "ICT for Electromobility", which are implemented by DLR Projektträger, the BMWK is promoting the development of cutting-edge digital technologies in and for Germany. The programmes address future topics at an early stage and make a decisive contribution to accelerating the transfer of results from research and development to industry.

"Development of Digital Technologies" of the BMWK with DLR Projektträger

The "Digital Technologies and Applications" department at DLR Projektträger has been working with the BMWK in the area of "Development of Digital Technologies" for many years. It provides important technical impulses and comprehensively supports the ministry both in funding management and in the strategic design and further development of its funding instruments. Furthermore, DLR Projektträger ensures broad awareness of the funding topics via the website as well as via publications and events. In addition to constantly monitoring and analysing developments in the field of digital technologies – both nationally and internationally – DLR Projektträger is responsible for the analytical and conceptual design and further development of the "Development of Digital Technologies" funding programme. It has also played a key role in the German government's "National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence".

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