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Cooperation Platforms 2022 – strengthening knowledge transfer in NRW

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Strategic cooperation is crucial to triggering innovation. DLR Projektträger is assuming the project sponsorship "Cooperation Platforms 2022" on behalf of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry of Culture and Science and, with this assignment, is further advancing the reorientation of research funding in NRW towards transferring knowledge into practice.

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2nd September 2022 — In order to develop and implement innovations for society and the economy, knowledge transfer between research and practice is more important than ever. However, established cooperation structures that facilitate dialogue and networking are often lacking. With the new funding instrument "Cooperation Platforms 2022", the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW NRW) supports the establishment of strategic cooperation platforms at universities and non-university research institutions. The aim is to structurally improve the framework conditions for the transfer of research results in NRW and to establish sustainable cooperation between science institutions, organisations and actors outside science.

Making transfer possible on a long-term basis

The funding is intended to create or further develop, test and establish permanent transfer infrastructures. Bundling science, business and society in central fields of innovation is meant to lead to more research results flowing into new products, processes and technologies. DLR Projektträger has been commissioned with the implementation and monitoring of the funding instrument "Cooperation Platforms". DLR Projektträger has already driven the realignment of research funding for the MKW NRW with the commissions "Networks 2021" and "Profile Development 2020 and 2022". "We are pleased to be able to apply our cross-divisional expertise in the promotion of transfer from science to industry and society for the state of NRW," says Dr Cornelia Jers, Head of the Department of Infrastructures for Education and Research in the Länder at DLR Projektträger.

Reorientation of Research Funding NRW

To enable universities and research institutions to establish the best possible structures for internationally competitive science, NRW has realigned its research funding. The goal is science-led, thematically open funding that expands the cooperation and networking of research institutions in NRW and promotes sustainable science structures.

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14 million euros in funding for cooperation platforms

Applications for the thematic areas of the cooperation platforms can come from the entire spectrum of the life and natural sciences, engineering as well as the humanities and social sciences. The MKW NRW will provide a total funding volume of 14 million euros for the next four years for the implementation of the collaborative projects. A letter of intent for the application can be submitted until 30.09.2022.

DLR Projektträger with expertise in all scientific fields

Since 2020, DLR Projektträger has been supporting the MKW NRW in the development and implementation of three funding instruments that contribute significantly to the reorientation of research funding in NRW (see infobox). It is the only project management organisation in Germany with scientific expertise and research funding experience in all fields of science and thus ideally covers the range of funding topics. In addition, DLR Projektträger is well networked in the research scene and can therefore assess the various project ideas in a qualified manner and advise the MKW NRW on the selection of the best collaborative projects. Within the framework of the "Cooperation Platforms 2022", the DLR Projektträger experts will, among other things, organise selection processes with external reviewers and a respected selection jury, provide targeted advice to research institutions on the implementation of the funding and offer technical and administrative support for the projects, as well as monitoring. After completion of the project funding, DLR Projektträger will evaluate the funding instrument and formulate recommendations for possible further development and updating.

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We are pleased to be able to use our interdisciplinary expertise in the promotion of transfer from science to industry and society for the state of NRW.

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Dr Cornelia Jers
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Head of Department Federal Infrastructures for Education and Research
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Dr Cornelia Jers

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