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CDR and more – DLR Projektträger presents annual report

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Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, smart cities and Long Covid are among the top topics in 2021 annual report of DLR Projektträger.

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11th May 2022 — With the amendment of the Climate Protection Act in August 2021, the German Government has determined that Germany is to be climate-neutral by 2045. And from the middle of the century, even "negative emissions" are to be achieved, i.e. more CO2 is to be bound than emitted. There is widespread scientific agreement that this goal of "climate neutrality" cannot be achieved without actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

For this reason, it is not only institutions such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which are focusing on carbon dioxide removal (CDR). DLR Projektträger is also actively helping to build a scientific foundation for CDR and to provide balanced advice to policy-makers. In its annual report, which has just been published, DLR Projektträger explains the advantages and disadvantages of various CDR methods and presents its own activities in this field of the future. "Wherever methods prove to be promising, economically and socially viable, there are also market potential and export opportunities for the German economy. It is therefore worthwhile to develop a knowledge advantage in international comparison," writes DLR Projektträger.

The annual report also focuses on other future topics that DLR Projektträger is currently working on. Smart Cities, Green Hydrogen, the Digital Progress Hubs Health or Long Covid are among them, as well as the pan-European cloud infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Education for Sustainable Development and many other hotspots of transformation in science, business, education and society.

Furthermore, the publication provides current DLR Projektträger facts, figures and assignments relating to the management of research, education and innovation. With around 15,000 ongoing projects and a funding volume of more than 2 billion euros in 2021, DLR Projektträger is one of the most important institutions in German innovation funding.

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