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G7 Science Ministers' Meeting – DLR Projektträger contributes to success

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Freedom of science, research to combat climate change and post-covid – not only was DLR Projektträger able to contribute valuable content to the agenda of the meeting of G7 science ministers, it also helped organise the meeting.

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22nd June 2022 — Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada and the USA form the "G7 group of states". The European Union is also represented at the meetings. The presidency rotates annually – Germany holds the presidency in 2022. This year's G7 summit will therefore take place from the 26th to the 28th June in Elmau Castle in Bavaria. In the run-up to the summit, the science ministers met in Frankfurt am Main from the 12th to the 14th June 2022 at the invitation of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Supported by DLR Projektträger, Germany had defined three focal points for the G7 science meeting: strengthening the protection of the freedom, integrity and security of science and research, advancing research to combat climate change, and expanding research on post-Covid.

"Organising such a meeting is a mission that is as challenging as it is interesting," explains DLR Projektträger’s Christiana Schümmer, who took on the task in Frankfurt. "With our services, we contributed to the content preparations, the organisation of the meeting and its follow-up. Examples include co-developing the topics and the final declaration, setting up the agenda, director's schedule and room plan, and registering and accrediting participants."

Seven DLR Projektträger colleagues were on site in Frankfurt to ensure that everything ran smoothly. In addition to the department, which provided much of the content, the Public Relations Competence Centre contributed its expertise in communication design and event management. And the work is not yet finished with the conclusion of the meeting. The ministers' work results will flow into the deliberations of the G7 summit from the 26th to the 28th June, and not only must they be communicated afterwards, they also have to be implemented politically. Here, too, DLR Projektträger can contribute its expertise.

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